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Four Finger Distillery

Our Story

Our story starts just like any story that involves a guy who loves to make whiskey and is bad with power tools. Four Finger Distillery was started in 2014, but at that time we were known as 1205 Distillery and we had all of our fingers. In the fall of 2014 our distiller and owner, Brad, was installing a door in our new distillery and made a bad cut with the saw and lost his pinky. We kept the name 1205 Distillery for quite some time after the accident even though the name Four Finger Distillery was always in the back of our mind. It was hard for us to ignore the incredible story and name that would come with Four Finger Distillery. So finally in 2022, we decided to take the leap and become Four Finger Distillery for good!

Four Finger Distillery was founded in 2013 and was originally known as 1205 Distillery. 1205 was started by Teresa and Bill Webster with Brad Colver moving back home from Colorado to be the Master Distiller. During construction of the distillery, Brad made a bad cut using a miter saw and ended up cutting his finger off. Little did we know that this would be the beginning of a whole new brand. The Four Finger story started to take off. We throw a yearly party on the anniversary of the accident and even started to name our whiskey Four Finger Whiskey. It did not take long before we were at events and started to be recognized as 'that four finger place'.

Fast forward a few years when Brad and Teresa's son, Nolan, bought the distillery from Bill and Teresa so they could retire. We love the name 1205 Distillery, but we just kept getting pulled to the Four Finger story. After a few years of hearing customers say that they heard the Four Finger story, we began working on transitioning our brand to Four Finger Distillery. We renamed all of our whiskey to our Four Finger Series and started printing shirts with the Four Finger hand logo on them. After getting good reception from customers and liquor buyers, we decided to finally make the move. And now we are officially Four Finger Distillery!

We may have a different logo and name, but don't worry, we are the same great company that you have known to love over the years. We still make all of our award-winning spirits in house with local, Indiana grain and we still make the same delicious cocktails in our tasting rooms.